Military, Tactical, Law Enforcement Agency Watches

U.S. Agency Watch Company has created functional tactical military timepieces. In law enforcement or other combat situations, when you need to rely on a watch that will perform with precision and accuracy time and time again, the watches of the U.S. Agency Watch Company provide just that with a collection of functional timepieces that incorporate innovative, cutting-edge technology. Not only have police departments such as the LAPD granted exclusive licensing rights to the Kryptolite Watch Co. for watches, but also have government agencies such as the FBI, CIA, NCIS and the Secret Service.

Added to those, exclusive worldwide rights were granted to allow the US Agency Watch Co., a division of the Kryptolite Watch Co., to manufacture timepieces bearing the Great Seal Of The United States, Air Force One, Marine One and more. The team of industry leaders, who have been designing and manufacturing watches for over 20 years and supplying to tactical units, military teams, police and law enforcement agencies, have created pure, rugged, functional and unique watches with exclusive designs and technical features found nowhere else.

See why U.S. Agency Watch models offer unique features found nowhere else today.



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NOTE: It is a crime to use any of the above products shown and offered for sale for the purpose of deception or to falsely represent anyone as an agent of the Federal Government or Law Enforcement Agency.