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The US Agency Watch Company is a division of the Kryptolite Watch Co. based in Los Angeles, California. U.S.A., and is a well known major supplier of watches to US government law enforcement agencies and military / tactical teams worldwide.

In 2010, in order to raise funds to be distributed by the USSSUDBF*, the Kryptolite Watch Co. was granted exclusive rights to certain US Government insignia for timepieces sold in limited quantities to the public. On July 15, 2011 approximately 100 pieces per style were made available for sale in the U.S. The watches were made available for purchase at the White House Store in Washington, D.C. Some of the other emblems and insignias that were authorized were NCIS, CIA, FBI, Air Force One and others. Some of the editions are exclusive, but all are in very limited production quantities.

There are specific features of US Agency Watches that can only be found on these authorized models:
Impact Gel (TM) to protect the Swiss and Japanese movements, Kryptolite (TM) dials with a 6-8 hour luminescence, 4mm thick – anti glare, sapphire coated, hardened mineral crystals and cross-welded impact protection bars on several models.

Other officially authorized production licenses granted to US Agency Watch Co. are for the manufacture of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) protected Italian leather wallets and for Air Force One pilots/aviator sunglasses manufactured by American Optical Corp. under exclusive license.


(*) The White House Police Benefit Fund was established on September 9, 1946. The original objectives were to provide flowers when a member had a death in their immediate family, and as a means of providing retiring members a departing gift from the force. The gift shop operated in the basement of the Old Executive Office Building, a part of the White House complex. For security reasons this store was accessible only to White House staff and their guests making it the most exclusive retail store in America. On November 1, 1950, a White House Police Officer was killed and two other Officers injured while defending President Truman during an assassination attempt at Blair House. After this assassination attempt, the White House Security Fund was created. The purpose being to provide for the spouses and children of any White House Police Officer killed or seriously injured in the performance of their duties. Money was generated from donations made to the White House Police in the months following the assassination attempt. In December, 1955, the Benefit Fund was granted non-profit status. In the early 1960’s, the White House Police Benefit Fund along with the White House Security Fund and the White House Pistol Match Fund were merged into what is now the Uniformed Division Benefit Fund. Revenue for operating the Benefit Fund is generated through the sale of various products including commemorative items. Historically these items have been purchased by Secret Service personnel, White House staff members and their guests. The limited availability of these gifts has made them very popular. White House Gift Store operated by Secret Service Uniformed Division Benefit Fund is the only official White House retail store. The range of products sold by White House Gift Store includes a wide variety of products featuring such official marks, emblems and seals such as the Presidential Seal, US Great Seal, White House Seal, Air Force One, various military insignias, etc. Permission to use these various government marks is provided through the President’s Counsel Office. In an effort to extend the sales of these Americana products, The Licensing Group Ltd, on behalf of the White House Gift Store developed the AMERICA’S LEGACY brand. It is a trademark owned by the US Secret Service Uniformed Division Benefit Fund, and used as a means by which sales this type of product can be sold through the consumer retail market. AMERICA’S LEGACY has become a successful licensing program under which a wide variety of products and price points have been created using these US Government marks. The royalties generated under the AMERICA’S LEGACY Program are used by the US Secret Service Uniformed Division Benefit Fund for charitable purposes.


Note: It is a crime to use the above products offered for sale with the purpose of deception or to falsely represent anyone as an agent of any U.S. Government Agency.


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