Frequently Asked Questions

1). Is sales tax added to my order:
Sales tax is added to all products that are shipped to a California address as is required by Law.

2) Do you sell to Government agencies:
We do sell to many personnel within government agencies, Law Enforcement and military units. Most government agencies do not provide timepieces,an exception to this are some Special Forces teams that do receive a specialized
timepiece as part of their standard issue.

3). Are the watches online the same as sold to Law Enforcement
officers: Yes in every way.
4). What type of payment do you accept: Visa, Mastercard , American Express and checks, However payment by check will result in a delay of shipping until check has cleared. Acceptance of checks refer to USA sales only. (Not Overseas).

5).Do you ship overseas: Yes, however some countries do have exclusive
distributors who have paid all of the shipping, duty, VAT and local government  taxes. We do not ship to those territories.

6). If I were to buy a gift for a friend ,could you ship to them: The agreement that we have with our credit
card processor requires that we ship all products to the same address as shown on the credit card used to make the purchase.

7). We are interested in purchasing for our group, Do you have special
discount for a group purchase: Our products are manufactured in small limited quantities and we do limit the watches to 2 pieces per order per style.