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RFID (Radio Frequency ID)

Identity theft is rampant throughout the world. Thieves can steal and obtain credit card numbers, bank account numbers and social security numbers either by stealing cards in the mail or by obtaining a card number from an associate in a store who has your card for a few moments.

Currently most credit cards require that you swipe your card. Some credit card companies such as American Express (Blue Card) have decided to make life easier by installing RFID chips into the card which transmits the card info to a reader requiring that you just place the card near a reader much like a supermarket reader. Many countries worldwide including the USA (since 2006) now issue all passports with RFID chips embedded. In 2013 it is expected that all major credit cards will be embedded with an RFID chip.


RFID chip readers which can be purchased for under $100 at your local electronic store are able to read your credit card or door entry cards just by being in close proximity to you.  You would not be aware of any problem until your statement arrives. All U.S. Government personnel working in sensitive positions are required to carry their door entry cards in an RFID shielded wallet.

Solve problem:

Our wallets are lined with a patented soft material containing steel thread that completely blocks all frequency transmission. A solid steel or aluminum wallet would do the same as would aluminum foil which creates something similar to a Farraday cage. Solid metal wallets would not be comfortable to carry and wrapping your cards in foil is definitely not a practical idea. Our wallets are made of soft Italian leather using vegetable dyes and are 100% RFID shielded. The patented lining is ultra soft and not rigid.

In the time it took you to read the above, hundreds of credit card numbers, Passports and door entry cards information have been stolen using electronic RFID theft.