Genuine Du Pont™ Kevlar® Watch Bands

Genuine Exclusive Dupont™ Kevlar® Military Tactical Watch Bands

Exclusive Genuine Du pont™ Kevlar® Watch Bands By USAgency Watch Co.

These are the ultimate when it comes to durable, rugged bands for use in military tactical situations.

Note: The Black Kevlar weave used in the this band is the same material that is incorporated into bullet resistant gear at the Coronado Naval base in California,

home of the US Navy Seals.

Instead of using DuPont’s™  slash resistant weave, we have maufactured our bands using their weave that is additionally stab (point) resistant.

These bands are manufactured by and exclusive to USAgency Watches and are found NOWHERE else !

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Why USAgency Kevlar Bands ?

1) Manufactured by a company that supplies the Navy Seals at Coronado with their gear.

2) Kevlar has always been known for it’s slash resistant and bullet resistant qualities,

but as most who have knowledge of Kevlar know,  it is not stab resistant. A sharp point will penetrate the material.

The Kevlar used to manufacture USAgency Watch Co.’s  bands is the weave that resists sharp points as well.

3) The weave we have chosen is the same as used in bullet resistant back packs and vest’s designed for the US Navy Seals.

4) These are not to be confused with bands on the internet that are advertised as Kevlar style or Kevlar type.

Ours are the only Kevlar band available displaying the Genuine Kevlar by Du Pont hang tag.


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